Design Process

Design Process

Creating a garden with the assistance of Exeter Garden Design starts with the development of a design brief. This is partly a summary of your ideas of how you would like the garden to be in the future with indication of desired features and intended function of the outside space. I will also make suggestions of how your garden can link with its surrounding, design ideas and concepts, and planting styles. The design brief will also include practical elements such as budget, car parking, storage and sustainable solutions to design. The brief will act as an agreement for the way forward for the design.

Photographs are taken and a Sketch Scheme developed and presented to the client to show possible options, or provide strong direction to the design. Clients very commonly find this stage very helpful in visualising garden proposals. (Please review some Sketch Scheme examples below.)

Some clients use the Sketch Scheme stage as a stand-alone method for providing some ideas for their garden, however many clients continue to a Master Plan stage.

This is a scale plan indicating the position in the garden, of all the main features. It is developed after a Site survey has determined the layout of existing features. (Please view some example of Master Plans below.) The garden can be laid out using the Master Plan to ensure the correct positioning of all elements.

Construction Drawings and Planting Plans provide further layers of detail. Please view some planting plans below.